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The support and expertise of these guys has been first class: I was looking at upgrading from a mid-2010 Mac Pro desktop to a Mac Mini, but was worried about losing the use of an expensive and incompatible piece of 32bit legacy software - they were able to demonstrate that it could be run on Windows 11 which convinced me to buy! The remote installation of Windows was amazing to see. In the end I went for the riser hub to keep my desk tidy. Don’t hesitate to shop at steadycomps!
Will James
So good I Returned after 7 years to buy again. This is my second laptop I have purchased from Steady Comps and very happy with the result. They have given me good pre-purchase advice on what options I can choose before-hand and after sales service is excellent. I remember even after a year of my previous purchase Steady Comps were still assisting me on different software, even though the laptop was out of warranty, but I had no where else to go and they came through. Now with this new purchase they are more than happy to answer or advise within a short time and I would not want to go anywhere else to purchase such expensive equipment. Top marks to Stephen and his team.
Martin Phillibert
In 2019 I was looking for the versatility of a dual-boot machine and bought a "2018 Apple Mac Mini/Six-Core i7/3.2GHz/16GB RAM/256GB SSD/MacOS Windows 7&10" from Steady Comps. Having had such a good experience the first time, I went back to Stephen when thinking about getting a Laptop. Rather than trying to "up-sell" my requirements, he gave me some great advice about what I actually needed, and so I recently purchased their MacBook Air bundle, which, again, represents great value for money and exceeds the bog-standard specs on offer elsewhere. My Mac Mini was also due for an update and I had thought that would mean either relying on a high street Tech store or sending it back to SteadyComps. But Stephen was able to configure my new laptop and update my Mac Mini via remote access while I watched! Fantastic, expert service! I'll be back...
Steven Martin

About Us

All about our company and vision.
We are a small 15-year-old company originally based in Northern Ireland, but now with partners in the UK, as well as offices in Northern Ireland, Halifax in the UK, and Warsaw in Poland. We provide bespoke Apple solutions and bundles to businesses and private clients around the UK and Europe. Our willingness to go the extra mile to help people adapt to their new system is what sets us apart. Why choose between a PC and a Mac when you can have both? We sell to both corporate and private clients across the UK and Europe, via this website, our nine Amazon stores and our new eBay outlet. We pride ourselves on our unique bespoke packages and our ability to tailor each machine and every sale to the needs of our customer, as well as our superb first-party support. We are committed to helping clients find new long term solutions as well as upgrading and getting the maximum from their old systems, helping to reduce e-waste.

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Shipping and VAT.

We ship all over the UK and the EU. We specialise in shipping to locations such as Eastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta at very competitive rates.
All UK sales include UK VAT @ 20% and come with a UK VAT receipt. Just checkout as normal. Sales to outside the UK will not have VAT charged by Steady Comps Ltd., and anyone buying from any of our non-UK stores will see prices displayed minus VAT. However, VAT may be charged upon import into the destination country, at your national rate. This can then be claimed back by any business that has a VAT/IVA registration number or equivalent in your country. If you purchase from outside the UK, we ship your extra items and software (hub etc.) from our EU warehouses, so your overall VAT declaration is greatly reduced – you will save money over buying in your own country or the UK. Contact us with any questions. Questions? Mail us:

Payment Methods

Payments to suit everyone.
Payment can be made via PayPal, Bank Transfer, or using any credit card or debit card via Stripe. We also support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. Use Klarna within the UK to split your payments into three. If you have any particular needs, just drop us a line or a mail, we will be happy to try to accommodate you.

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Our offices
11 Belldoo, Strabane, N. Ireland 19 Saville Park Road, Halifax, UK Wyszogrodzka 6/54, Warsaw, PL
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Daily 9:00 AM —6:00 PM CET (Callbacks afterwards by appointment only).